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Age of Dinosaurs NFT Game Coming Soon

Age of Dinosaurs NFT Game Coming Soon

Age of Dinosaurs is an NFT game running on the BSC chain. It is a fun game developed by the Macdow game technical team combining the living habits, reproduction, and fiction of dinosaurs.

After a long period of planning and development, the game is ready. What we plan to do is to issue free NFTs in the early stage to test our game. We will reward you with TADS tokens, which can be traded on the Bocake Exchange. It can also be exchanged for more advanced NFTs to produce more TADS.

In the game, there are dinosaur hatching, looking for dinosaur babies, looking for food, looking for medicine, mining and so on.

There are also dinosaur battle games under development, pledge mining, and plans to issue dinosaur ecological coins, 100% of which are produced by mining and games.

The total amount of TDAS is 100 billion

Marketing 5% = 5 billion

Exchange liquidity pool 5% = 5 billion

Game NFT mining accounts for 90% = 90 billion

5% of marketing that does not release an IDO will be destroyed.

Ultimately destroyed to 10 billion

TADS will be produced in 30 years, and the output will be halved every 5 years. In the first five years, 45 billion TADS will be produced, and about 25 million TADS will be released every day.

Share with friends to get 10% of the computing power of friends

Create a guild income: 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%

Joining a guild: 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%

To create a guild, you need to pledge a certain amount of TADS to reduce the circulation of TADS.

According to the level of the guild created, the corresponding benefits of the computing power of the players who join the guild will be obtained.

According to the level of joining the guild, the corresponding income of the player’s own computing power will be obtained.

The token TADS in the age of dinosaurs will become very valuable due to the market demand through the increase in the number of players, continuous pledge, destruction, circulating mining pools and marketing of system design. Are you considering receiving a free dinosaur NFT? Try out Age of Dinosaurs.



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