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Decentralized Exchange UniverseSwap will launch in beta on October 24

Decentralized Exchange UniverseSwap will launch in beta on October 24

UniverseSwap, a decentralized Exchange, will launch it beta platform at the end of the month. According to public information, UniverseSwap is a DeFi distributed financial protocol that can be deployed on BSC, HECO, ETH, TRON and other public chains with the groudbreaking funtion of cross-chain transactions for free.

The platform naive token UPK serves as the asset support of its ecosystem,which will revolutionize the Web3.0 transaction model. In the future, the platform will be extended to multiple fields such as chain game, NFT, metaverse and so on,eventually achieving decentralized governance( DAO.).Currently, UniverseSwap code has been partially open source which users can view on Github,and all code has been audited,the company’s official website is http://universeswap.io and Github website is https://github.com/sokenteam/smart_contract_audits/blob/main/Universe%20Swap%20(DAPP)%20Comprehensive%20Smart%20Contract%20Audit.pdf.

About UPK Token:

UPK is the equity Token and management Token of UniverseSwap ecosystem, and the only governance Token in the ecosystem. The total number of issued is 50 million. UPK holds governance Token to participate in decision-making, voting and other community governance.

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