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Interpretation of Economic Model of AZTEC

Interpretation of Economic Model of AZTEC

Game is widely regarded as the best breakthrough of the meta-universe, and it is also the application scenario that is most likely to take the lead in realizing the concept of the meta-universe. Because of its own financial attributes and manage system, blockchain can be perfectly integrated with games. With the involvement of traditional capitals, blockchain games are springing up one after another. In this article, I will introduce a popular blockchain game: Aztec.

AZTEC (Aztec), first of all, has set a cosmic environment with great imagination. Players will play the role of Nuggets (Yanayana people), who will take the spaceship Boloni from the planet that is about to be destroyed and move to Aztec, to fight for the special mineral-original stone (AZT) on this barren land.

With the original stone, you can get the most important energy materials in the universe, build relics and accumulate beliefs to upgrade civilization and bring the light of life to the whole universe; In Aztec, apart from collecting original stone, the OPPORTUNISTs also need to conquer terrible beasts, and they can get high rewards by taming the beasts to participate in the Colosseum competition.

The harassment of local aborigines (Stanstan/Orcs) will also hit the territory, and the gold diggers need to fight to resist the attack.

In addition, the evil forces of the universe-predators (Westruth/Ghosts) will come to challenge in the future, but they are afraid of miracles and beliefs.


AZT is a governance token. Holding AZT can participate in community governance and voting decisions. It is also an in-game token, which can be produced by daily mining. The total distribution is 210 million pieces.

Game output: 66%

Territory NFT: 10%

Yana capital: 10%

Founding team: 8%        48 months linear release

Ecological contribution:3%

Market announcement: 2%


Territory NFT:

The overall game will take the lead in starting the Lord program, with a total of 300 pieces of land. Every player can participate in land donation in official website to become the Lord of AZTEC land. The donation price of each piece of land is 15,000 USDT on a first-come-first-served basis.

Official website: www.aztecgame.io

Release rules: 70,000 AZT pieces are built in each piece of land and released according to the rules. Release 10% before the start of the game, that is, 7,000 AZT pieces will be released from each account, and the rest will be released linearly in 36 months from the second month.

Rules of land auction: It is expected that the first batch of 48 pieces of land will be released at 8: 00 p.m. on December 9th for players to participate in donations, the second batch of 66 pieces, the third batch of 99 pieces and the third phase of 213 pieces in total, and the remaining 87 pieces will be released after the start of the game.

Land rights: All players who participate in mining after extracting characters must choose a piece of land, that is, they can only participate in the game through the link of the land Lord. The Lord of each piece of land will receive 5% tax of all mining income in his territory.

Attributes of land: the territories are divided into three categories, which respectively produce three elements, namely Rhodium, Black water and Ebony, which can be used for role upgrading after being collected; At the same time, players in each territory only produce corresponding elements, and other elements need to trade with other territories;

Land appreciation: According to the game rules of AZTEC, each piece of land will have a population valve, which limits that a piece of land can only have 20,000 cards to participate in mining (only the number of cards placed in the card slot to generate income is calculated). If it is necessary to expand the population, the land can only be merged, and the population capacity can be increased by 50% every time the land is merged. For example, the initial population ceiling of two pieces of land is 20,000 each, and after being merged into one piece of land, the population ceiling can reach 60,000.

This is also a land NFT circulation rule cleverly designed by game officials to encourage circulation. In the future game, some powerful lords will have the demand of annexing land, the land is scarce, and there are AZT asset in each piece of land, and the price will rise with the heat.

In terms of token consumption, players need to consume AZT when they draw the blind box to get the NFT of the characters. At the same time, they also need to consume different amounts of AZT tokens when the characters are upgraded. In subsequent games, scenes such as land upgrade, equipment repair and props purchase will also consume AZT.

Donating AZT to getting characters (which can be regarded as mining cards) is a blind box mechanism. The attributes of the getting characters are random and different, which determines the profits in future work and games. The higher the attributes, the higher the profits, and the higher the selling price of the characters NFT in the market.

Image of people:

It is reported that AZTEC Version 1 will not go online in the game copy section, so all players can only get high-attribute characters by extracting blind boxes in the early stage, and make profits by selling them at a premium in the market; Or extract the characters and put them in the card slot to participate in mining and gain profits.

There are five characters in the game, namely: OPPORTUNIST, GLADIATUS, ANIMAL TRAINER, MAGICIAN and MINER.


NFT Character Combat capability Nuggets Belief Courage
OPPORTUNIST 79 90 75 90
GLADIATUS 88 86 65 80
ANIMAL TRAINER 80 82 76 90
MAGICIAN 75 80 88 85
MINER 68 68 65 69

Analysis of AZTEC game play

From the news released continuously, we can see that AZTEC’s current popularity is getting higher and higher, with 25,900 followers of telegrams and 6511 followers on Twitter, the community activity is very high, and the number of fans is still increasing. With the popularity of the project getting higher and higher, once the game is started, many players will pour into the Lord’s plan to auction the land. The Lord’s plan is followed by the NFT character blind box, and the relationship between supply and demand is one of the major reasons for the continuous rise of AZT.

Upgrade: The initial attribute of each character is level 1. If the player wants to get a higher rate of return, he can upgrade the character. Upgrade characters need to synthesize NFT cards of the same level. For example, if a level 2 ANIMAL TRAINE wants to upgrade to level 3, it needs to be synthesized with a level 2 ANIMAL TRAINE card, and it also needs to consume a certain amount of AZT. It needs elements when players go up to a higher level.

For the output of elements, only characters with high-level attributes can produce elements. Take the ANIMAL TRAINE as an example. When the character is upgraded to level 3, the amount of elements that can be produced every day is 10. The higher the player’s character is, the more necessary it is to consume AZT and a certain number of elements besides synthesizing cards.

There are three kinds of elements, namely Rhodium, Black water and Ebony . These three elements are indispensable when players upgrade their ranks, and they are in a 1:1:1 relationship.

According to the experience of the previous chain game, the output currency is a means for players to get their income back, and the really profitable section should be elements, especially the early high-level players are less, and the total output of elements will be less, and the players themselves need to consume to upgrade high-level figures, so the elements in market circulation will be very few, and the relationship between supply and demand determines its high value.

The initial attribute of each character is level 1, and if the player wants to get a higher rate of return, he can upgrade the character.

On the whole, there are three ways to participate in AZTEC:

First, players need to participate in the NFT auction of land, obtain the asset package containing 70,000 AZT pieces, and make profits through the AZT released continuously in the later period; At the same time, players can get 5% tax right of the land. Of course, with the continuous development of the game, the demand for subsequent land annexation will become stronger and stronger, and there is also a great room for land appreciation.

The second is the blind box, because the blind box has a certain chance to explode high-end cards, and the high-end cards have a high rate of return, and the number of high-end cards is scarce, and more cards are needed to synthesize and upgrade in the later stage, so the demand for high-end cards in the market must be very high, and naturally they can be sold at a good price.

Third, players can upgrade their characters to mine. They can get NFT cards by extracting or purchasing, and constantly upgrade by playing games to improve output. Especially when there are few high-level characters in the early stage, players can seize the opportunity to upgrade first, produce elements early, and maybe players can get back to their original account in a few days.

The fourth is to be a businessman in the market, reselling cards+part-time mining. There are a large number of low-end cards, making it easier to synthesize and upgrade, and the rate of return is stable. Players can collect these cards from the market, upgrade while digging, and be an NFT businessman who sells while digging. And the earlier players participate, the more opportunities they have.

Written in the end: AZTEC , on the whole, there are still many innovative elements. First of all, the limitation of population valve, which is the first in blockchain game, and the reason for setting population valve is to encourage the circulation of NFT in the land and make the promotion of the game stronger and stronger; The same is true for joining the land tax policy. In order to spread the game better, AZTEC games will not open scripts, as well as ensure the rights and interests of the guild, increasing the tax by 5% will make more powerful guilds more willing to join, which is also the first case in the blockchain area. AZT is the only pass of the game, with a small circulation, and it is necessary to extract blind boxes and upgrade, which further enhances the value of AZT. In addition, only high-level figures can produce elements. It is conceivable that the players who actively participate in the initial stage, especially those who actively upgrade, will have a very impressive return.






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