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The leading TRX cloud mining platform UCTRX.COM announces its yield rule

The leading TRX cloud mining platform UCTRX.COM announces its yield rule

On April 19th, UCTRX.COM, the world’s leading TRX cloud mining platform, announced the specific mining yield rules. It announced that its investment product APY can reach over 3,700% at the highest, and 100% of its holders are profitable, with a cumulative profit of 97.874 billion USD and a total of 165 million members. It is reported that this data has surpassed the profit of 95% investors in Bitcoin and 86% investors in Ethereum, ranking first in the return rate of encrypted mining market. TRON(TRX) is one of the largest decentralized application operating systems in the world, which is dedicated to providing power for DeFi transactions and applications.

Cloud mining in UCTRX.COM is an advanced decentralized financial platform. Supported by TRON Foundation, it focuses on providing users with a safe, stable and efficient TRX cloud mining experience, allowing anyone to participate in TRX DeFi with low investment and high profit, thus expanding TRON(TRX) ecological development. At the same time, the platform has very strong global strategic operation capability and rich experience in financial risk control and management. At present, its business has covered more than 70 countries all over the world, and more landing matters are underway.

The following detailed mining revenue rules published for UCTRX.COM Cloud Mining, from which users can learn about its perfect revenue channels, including multiple rewards such as mining profits, rebate of wealth management products, invitation rebate, investment rebate, etc., which will provide an ideal investment model for encryption users to rationally allocate blockchain assets and enjoy the maximum rate of return.

I. How to participate in mining in UCTRX.COM:

1. Register and log in through the official website or download APP (Android and iOS are supported), and click on the deposit to get the basic deposit account and the promotion account address.

2. Wallets (Imtoken, Ownbit, Trustwallet, Tronlink, Bitpie) and exchanges (Gate.io, Huobi, Binance, Okex, Zb.Com) are supported to transfer and recharge the designated account through the TRC-20 channel address, and the TRX mining service will automatically start after the account is received.

II. About the income mode of UCTRX.COM:

1. Mining income: 5.5% of daily mining income, with the minimum capital of 5TRX. Register now and you will receive a reward of 6000TRX, and you can receive 330 TRX earnings every day at no cost.

2. Financial rebate: UCTRX.COM launched different investment products for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 180 days. According to the investment quota, members can get different amount of TRX daily income, with the highest daily profit rate of 9.9%, and the daily income reaches 8,910 TRX pieces, equivalent to US$ 528, far exceeding the income of similar products and traditional investment projects.

3. Invitation rebate: Members can share their links to social software such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. for them to register and recharge. After successful invitation, they will be rewarded with invitation. The revenue is divided according to: recommended first-level users 10%, recommended second-level users 5%, and recommended third-level users 2%. For example, if you directly invite users to register and recharge 1,000 TRX, you can get 100 TRX invitation rewards by promoting your account.

4. Return commission for investment: The three-level reward mechanism supports return commission for investment. For example, the second-level users recommended by the first-level users can register and recharge 1000TRX to get 50TRX;  The third-level users recommended by the second-level users register and recharge 1000TRX to get 20TRX.

III. About the income unlocking method:

1. Basic account: It supports up to 10% cash withdrawal, which can be withdrawn daily. (The platform will settle the mining income at 12pm Singapore time every day)

Recharge amount and daily withdrawal ratio:

  • Accumulated daily extraction ratio of 500,000-300,000 TRX is 5%
  • Accumulated daily extraction ratio of 300,000-800,000 TRX is 5.5%
  • Accumulated daily extraction ratio of 800,001-1,500,000 Trx is 6%
  • Accumulated daily extraction ratio of 1500001-10000000TRX is 8%
  • Accumulated daily extraction ratio of more than 10000001TRX is 10%

2. Promotion Account: All invitation rebates can be directly entered into the promotion account, and direct withdrawal is supported.

Risk-free and high-yield investment will always be the main theme pursued by the crypto community, and the cloud mining service in UCTRX.COM will bring new inspiration to the market. Pledge TRX to earn TRX. The current price of TRX is USD 0.05931, with a cumulative increase of+3,854.00%. In view of the rapid ecological momentum of TRON, there is still a huge room for soaring in the later period.

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