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The number one player of Metaverse Player One in Metaverse: Why is it sought after by players?

The number one player of Metaverse Player One in Metaverse: Why is it sought after by players?

Did you know that Neil Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche” was regarded as a bible by Facebook’s founder Zuckerberg and was widely circulated throughout the company.

This book describes a virtual world parallel to reality. In Metaverse, everyone has a custom avatar Avatar, which is parallel to the real world, interacts with each other, and is always online. It is lifelike and immersive. The movie “Avatar” created a magnificent Genesis, and its inspiration also came from this.

There are two roads in front of human beings: one outward, leading to the sea of ​​stars, and the other inward leading to virtual reality.

——Liu Cixin

With the maturity of AR, VR, application of 5G and artificial intelligence autonomous generation technology, the improvement of wearable supporting hardware facilities, and the formation of the blockchain economic system, the world in the novel is coming to us, and the users of Metaverse begin to make their own civilization.

The movie “Number One Player” depicts the meta-universe we yearn for. It has a fully operational economic system that spans the physical and digital worlds. Data, digital objects, content, and IP can all pass through the meta-universe. Everyone is in this world. Enjoying the existing facilities, you can also participate in the creation by yourself, thus enriching and prospering the entire universe.

When reality is not so satisfactory and surrounded by pressure and frustration, people in the Z era are more seeking to explore the world in the Metaverse to achieve spiritual satisfaction and self-worth.

The launch of Metaverse Player One game is the best carrier for Metaverse

What is Metaverse Player One?

Chinese name: Yuan Universe-the number one player

 Metaverse Player One is designed by Raven SoftwareMeta Studio, a well-known game developer in Europe and the United States. Raven SoftwareMeta has many years of rich experience in game production, among which “Call of Duty: Planet” is its representative work, and more than 300 million players have experienced it worldwide.

  Inspired by the combination of Metaverse and NFT, Metaverse Player One strives to become the world’s first fully immersive virtual world gaming experience, creating the world’s largest gaming and earning GameFi. With 8 planets as the background, every player has a cosmic planet created by himself in the vast starry sky. Let players write their own story of conquering the planetary universe on the blockchain

  Metaverse Player One uses the combination of DEFI+NFT to become a true metaverse infrastructure. After Metaverse Player One goes live, any player and industry developer will be able to expand the Metaverse ecological landscape by becoming an ecological builder through “Metaverse Player One” and through modules Incentive mechanism to establish a strong community consensus, forming a perfect practice of a new generation of innovative blockchain that NFT+DeFi+GameFi empowers the Internet industry. Metaverse Player One will be the first innovative fusion of NFT+DeFi+Gamei, so that every player is Player One.

  Because the current transaction fees of OEC are the lowest compared to the transaction fees of several other public chains. OKExChain is a decentralized public chain, which can realize the compatibility of smart contracts on the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, which greatly reduces the high handling fee and easy congestion threshold for users to participate in DeFi on Ethereum. Developers and users are very easy to use and friendly, so we chose to build on OEC for the first launch, and later will soon complete the 2.0 version deployment in ETH, HECO, bsc, and Polygon.

The Metaverse Player One team has developed a set of tools and smart contracts to complete a truly decentralized ecosystem. In this ecosystem, through smart contracts, users can freely control and control their own assets. The existence of distributed ledgers protects the account from the risk of theft. The open source code means that players can freely innovate and combine and become the creator of the game. NTF maps the assets in your hands to the physical world. With visualization and identity, virtual goods are transformed from services to transaction entities, thereby enhancing the emotional experience of users. User participation and contribution will be rewarded. Whether it is harvesting farms, creating unique NFTs, developing games, or just using the tools provided by the platform. The Metaverse ecosystem will reward everyone for their contributions.

   UFO is the native token of Metaverse Player One, which corresponds to the self-value of the platform. As a decentralized community autonomous universe, UFO was created by the co-builders of the planet. Therefore, UFO is also controlled by community co-builders. Planeters can use it to buy cards, exchange props and other assets with other players, or trade in virtual auction houses.

UFO token model:

Total amount: 1000W

Game mining


LP and card mining

Private placement


Top seed player



Open the whole market promotion, marketing



6-month linear release, 30-month release completed

Liquid mining pool


Preliminary liquidity mining pool addition



Attract more institutions to participate

 Features and gameplay of “Metaverse Player One”:

Metaverse Player One will be divided into 3 versions.

There will be a small number of rare planet cards in version 1.0, and users can only purchase rare planet cards through IDO to participate in the game. When the rare card sales are completed, 50% of the card sales revenue will be used to reward users who promote Metaverse Player One early, and 50% of the revenue will be used to add to the LP liquidity pool.

Version 2.0. Online LP liquidity mining pool, card pledge function, DAO pool. For the description of the function parameters of version 2.0, see Table 3 below

Version 3.0: In the game, players can design their own planet image, decorate their planet, and interact with friends and other non-player characters (NPC). The original intention and vision of the design team is to create a “second planet” for all players, allowing them to relax in the game, enjoy the fun of the game, and at the same time monetize the time and energy invested.

The launch of Metaverse Player One has been supported by many partners, thank them for their great contributions to the design of Metaverse Player One.

Partners: Raven SoftwareMeta Carbonated Games OSL OKExChain Xsolla

 The land of the virtual world (like the planet in Metaverse Player One) has been hyped since its inception and has become the biggest sweet pastry in the entire ecology.

In June 2021, 9 virtual lands in Axie Infinity were sold at a high price of 888.25 ETH, which is approximately US$1.5 million.

On June 9, 2021, Boson announced that it would purchase virtual real estate in the Vegas district of Decentraland at a market price of approximately US$704,000, and plans to build a virtual shopping mall.

On June 18, 2021, digital real estate developer Republic Realm purchased 259 digital plots, or 66,304 virtual square meters, for 1.295 million MANAs, at a price of approximately US$913,000.

In July 2021, more than 5.3 million square meters (24*24) of virtual land on The Sandbox was auctioned for nearly US$880,000.

Virtual land is like a pig on the wind. Under the Duolun auction and competition, the price of virtual land has risen sharply, bringing huge returns to early investors.

The record increase was a piece of land called “9 Robotis Route” on CryptoVoxels. The initial price was US$101.2, and the current price has reached US$9570.8. The land has only been resold 3 times, and it has reached a 93-fold increase. .

Behind the soaring price is the economics behind each Metaverse.

After the ownership is returned to the player in the form of NFT, each planet is a unique existence, and all transactions are open, transparent and traceable, which is more wonderful than real-world transactions.

Metaverse Player One of the planetary continent

The soaring price of virtual NFT has attracted enough attention, and will step out of the circle in the next big wave of NFT, but the value support behind it still needs to be built on the prosperity of the meta universe itself. The future of the virtual planet land requires a large number of users to develop and construct, build scenarios and expand the scale, so as to realize the real Metaverse, and put our real world and imagined world into it.

Official English telegram: https://t.me/ufoNumberoneplayer

Official Chinese telegram:https://t.me/ufopilotufo

UFO Metaverse Number One Player Dapp:http://www.ufox.io

Process: download TP wallet → create OK chain wallet → top up USDT and okt → copy UFO meta universe Dapp link on TP wallet discovery page and enter → buy various planet blind boxes required by the top player

OKEX Exchange Apple download link:https://www.okex.com/download

OKEX Exchange Android download address:https://okmobiledev.github.io/download/okex/android.html

TP wallet download address:https://www.tokenpocket.pro

Contract address of the number one player in Metaverse:ex144yc437gyr7jv23waxwuqazwugn2xv8rg0ga6q

Block explorer:https://www.oklink.com/

Whatsapp:+44 7761968154

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