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TopDJ Metaverse has successfully closed pre-A round and will release membership card on 4/20

TopDJ, a best prospect music metaverse NFT project, has successfully closed its first round of fund raising, led by SNZ Holding and LD Capital

TopDJ, a music metaverse and decentralized music community created by DJ musicians and veteran music fans, has recently closed its first round of fund raising led by SNZ Holding and LD Capital. It is reported that TopDJ has signed a great portion of famous DJs from the world’s top 100 DJ rankings, including famous producers such as Yves V, Kura, Pink Panda, Mariana Bo, …etc. These DJs have combined over 200 million followers on Twitter.

TopDJ NFT covers a variety of NFT types, not limited to music, pictures, performance videos and peripheral goods. The TopDJ platform features mystery box sales, NFT marketplace, and VR music festivals. Through the platform, DJs can mint concert tickets, merchandise, etc. into NFTs for sale in the virtual space, while Metaverse players can sell their own audio, video, DJ props, etc. in the secondary market, or rent them in the rental hall.

TopDJ NFT covers a variety of NFT types, not limited to music, pictures, performance videos and merchandise; including mystery boxes, NFT markets, and VR music festivals. DJs can mint valuable goods such as concert tickets or merchandise into NFTs for sale in virtual stores, while Metaverse DJs can mint their own audio and video, instruments, and gears, and even DJ exclusive stages to sell in the TOP primary market platform. Metaverse buyers can either sell ​​it, or rent it at the rental hall.

In addition, TopDJ is working with metaverse platforms such as The Sandbox, real estate developers such as MetaEstate, real-world music festival organizers (ex. Ostend Beach), world-famous party island (Ibiza Island), and brands that are about to enter the metaverse. (ex. Redbull). Together with its partners, TopDJ is dedicated to creating a series of metaverse music festivals and parties in very near future.

According to the news, TopDJ’s core team is all European based in Belgium. The founder of the project, YvesV, is one of the senior producers in the global electronic music circle. He has been on the DJMAG World Top 100 list for many years and is also the resident DJ of Tomorrowland, the world’s most famous electronic music festival; the co-founder Jan is the organizer of the largest DJ competition in Europe “Girls like DJ”. He is also one of the most famous bookers in Europe and has cooperated with many top artists all over the world such as Afrojack and Quintino.

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