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WIPO: Ordinals-BRC20 protocol and Bitcoin Turing-complete international patent applications have been approved

WIPO: Ordinals-BRC20 protocol and Bitcoin Turing-complete international patent applications have been approved

According to the literature: Turing Bitchain aims to return to the original vision of Bitcoin. By expanding the functions of Bitcoin, realizing Turing-complete smart contract technology, and supporting Bitcoin’s Layer 1 solutions, it will maintain the security of the Bitcoin network. and decentralized features, and solve the scaling problem of the Bitcoin blockchain.

This patent solves the problem of introducing Turing-complete smart contracts in Bitcoin and scaling solutions based on Layer 1

Turing Bitchain will introduce a new smart contract programming language and virtual machine, allowing developers to write and deploy various complex smart contracts. This will enable the Bitcoin network to support decentralized applications (DApps), decentralized exchanges (DEX) and other innovative blockchain applications.

Turing Bitchain will maintain compatibility with Bitcoin, allowing existing data such as Bitcoin addresses, private keys, and transaction formats to be seamlessly migrated and used on Turing Bitchain. In addition, Turing Bitchain will support an autonomous upgrade mechanism to improve the protocol and functionality in the future based on the needs of the community.

With the explosion of the Bitcoin ecosystem, users’ demands for operational applications and performance requirements on the Bitcoin chain have increased dramatically. For a carrier that owns more than 50% of the assets in the blockchain industry, the assets of the BTC network are becoming the Defi world. The one with the most development potential, the formation of the Bitcoin ecosystem will also be fully activated. TBCI is the earliest Bitcoin inscription organization and has received support from the early Bitcoin developer community. The owner and the developer community have the same mission – fully activated. The potential of the Bitcoin network,

Therefore, TBCI 100% believes in the technical route that the original Satoshi Nakamoto team and the Bitcoin developer community can achieve expansion, fee reduction, high-performance computing, and the construction of its own layer of smart contracts based on the Bitcoin utxo model.

TBCI Turing Bitcoin Inscription Community firmly believes that the Bitcoin ecology will definitely be born in the iteration of the Bitcoin original teaching developer community, which will bear the world-class Internet generated by a layer of smart contracts + unlimited expansion + underlying protocol stability + POWsha256 public blockchain.

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